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[Feb. 13th, 2004|10:53 pm]
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[noise |dom on loveline.. yet.. again...]

this is amusing...
Your Icon is..... by d3athofs3asons
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ok.. so i forgot to say this... i went to eat "dinner" with my mom at mickey d's.. the one on canal street that i've spent the past 13 years of my life eating at... and umm.. she brought up me not telling her about gettin the report card and somehow i started crying cuz she was like.. "no matter what, family is family, and we will never get angry if you fail, we will always support you in everything." and.. dude.. i started crying like a mofo.. not hysterical with the noises and stuff.. but.. just.. tearing.. and yeah... that was just weird.. eating my burger and fries and apple pie and drinking my coke crying... trying not to wipe my tears.. and umm.... yeah.. i just realized i did almost everything in that mickey d's.. i lost one of my baby teeth in this place... it got stuck in the straw when i was like in second grade.. i developed crushes in the place and ate big macs fear factor style with my crushes.. i've hung out with my friends in this mickey d's... and i dunno.. i know there's more to come.. and i just hope this place will never close down.

w.t.f... this is my talking with ker about this idiocy:

Misson Her Own72: i miss barbie and ken
ThorzMine: wtf is up with that
ThorzMine: i saw that on the news
ThorzMine: and was like.. umm.. ok?
Misson Her Own72: LOL
Misson Her Own72: its so sad
ThorzMine: it's. um... retarded
Misson Her Own72: i saw a bsb on a clay forum
Misson Her Own72: hm. imma go teeny
ThorzMine: mattel's not gonna make money from this scam
Misson Her Own72: brb
ThorzMine: they're just gonna get back together
ThorzMine: when they realize no one gives a shit
Misson Her Own72: i do
ThorzMine: oh really?
ThorzMine: *raises eyebrows*
Misson Her Own72: yeah
Misson Her Own72: im sad
Misson Her Own72: its depressing me
ThorzMine: barbie and ken?
ThorzMine: u're on crack.
Misson Her Own72: yeah
Misson Her Own72: well
Misson Her Own72: shut up
Misson Her Own72: lol
ThorzMine: it's just sooo idiotic
ThorzMine: they're.. DOLLS.
Misson Her Own72: i know.. but... :(
ThorzMine: umm... did u even play with barbie?
Misson Her Own72: YEAH!
ThorzMine: how many ken's did u have?
ThorzMine: i have like 50 barbies and only one ken
Misson Her Own72: lmfao me too!
Misson Her Own72: i have two kens
Misson Her Own72: and like
ThorzMine: dude
Misson Her Own72: 214892472109472091 barbies, skippers, kellsy
ThorzMine: so what's the problem
Misson Her Own72: whats they're names
Misson Her Own72: lol
ThorzMine: no one buys ken
ThorzMine: i got like 3 kellys
ThorzMine: 6 skippers
ThorzMine: and a few of barbie's brunette friends
ThorzMine: the only ones i display now are the collectible ones
ThorzMine: my mom spent like 100 bucks on each of them
ThorzMine: i used to want this barbie that was like 3000 bucks at fao.. i went there every week staring at it
ThorzMine: and my mom was about to buy it too
ThorzMine: cuz she got sick and tired of me
ThorzMine: that barbie was one out of ten
ThorzMine: it was mad limited edition
Misson Her Own72: lmao
Misson Her Own72: you crazy
Misson Her Own72: i have like
Misson Her Own72: one collectable
ThorzMine: my point is
ThorzMine: i should be the type of person to be upset
ThorzMine: and.. well.. i don't care..
ThorzMine: ken didn't even have the hair until a few years ago
ThorzMine: wtf is that
Misson Her Own72: lmfao
Misson Her Own72: I KNOW
Misson Her Own72: he shouldnt
Misson Her Own72: he was better without it
ThorzMine: what?!
ThorzMine: he looks like nick now
ThorzMine: lmfao
ThorzMine: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2986723271&category=15953
ThorzMine: holy shit i thought it was only like 20 bucks
ThorzMine: it's up too over 100 on ebay
ThorzMine: WTF
Misson Her Own72: lmfao
Misson Her Own72: thats so pathetic
ThorzMine: what?!
ThorzMine: i want that!
ThorzMine: and now that they split
ThorzMine: this might be worth more
ThorzMine: but it soo doesn't look like aragorn
ThorzMine: and arwen looks like a witch
Misson Her Own72: lmao
Misson Her Own72: aragon
Misson Her Own72: aww
Misson Her Own72: i love him
Misson Her Own72: wheres he's dirt
Misson Her Own72: *his
ThorzMine: umm..
ThorzMine: down the drain?
ThorzMine: ahahaha get it?
ThorzMine: *dies*
Misson Her Own72: lmao
Misson Her Own72: great pat
Misson Her Own72: lol
ThorzMine: tank ya
ThorzMine: i thought so

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2004-02-14 05:54 pm (UTC)
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