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summary of valentine's 2004 - I wish I lived in the Shire. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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summary of valentine's 2004 [Feb. 15th, 2004|01:08 pm]
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[noise |that avril song..."i'm with u" i admit.. her songs ARE good]

ok.. seriously.. WTF... first.. i turn on my comp and click on my username for xp.. and.. then.. the comp freezes even before it begins to load my windows.. THEN.. i unplug the comp and everything (which i've done plenty of times when the stupid thing freezes) and then.. it loads my windows.. but then.. my wallpaper (official merry one) DISAPPEARS... soo.. i go to fix it... and the "apply" button is not there.. then i click ok.. and it doesn't work.. THEN i delete some shortcuts on my desktop.. and it DOESN'T WORK.. ok.. wtf... so then.. i log on aol.. and it was the only thing that worked.. but it said that my address book is gone.. so i'm like.. whatever... ok.. so i get on lj.. and.. i'm commenting back on comments.. and... it's making me log on EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.. i even logged on 4 times saying "never" when it says "expiration".. and.. STILL.. it expires every. single. time. i don't even close the window... i'm gettin fucking pissed right now.. SERIOUSLY. PISSED... the things on my shit list right now:

2) AOL 9.0.
3) LJ.
4) and the almighty one that every single person on earth hates at least one time in their life... BILL GATES AND WINDOWS.

anywhoo... my valentine's.. like always... was with my parents... i went to SAT class in the morning and got home and my dad wanted to go to best buy to get a flat panel (FINALLY).. so who am i to refuse to go to my favorite store??? so yup.. we went and he ended up wanting the 15 inch ones with no plastic protector.. and i'm like.. NO. so i go straight to the widescreen 17" one.. hahahaha.. he was like.. hmm.. it's a tv too??? lmfaoooo so now he wants the one i wanted too... but he looked at the notebooks right after that and they're only like 500 bucks more than the flat panels.. so now he wants to get a wireless notebook.. ehhh.. *sighs*.. so we ended up not buying the flat panel cuz he's insane... as he was deciding on his crazy stuff i went to the dvd section and looked for the indian runner.. NOT THERE... i expected as much.. *sigh*.. so i saw god and monsters and just ran to my dad.. lmfao... i saw rudy too and wanted it.. but it was like 30 bucks for the special edition... oh yeah.. and i FINALLY got go.. with katie in it... i've been trying to get it for five years.. *shakes head*.. aight.. so hopefully we're going to circuit city today.. cuz it has some special for "hollywood homicide" for $9.99.. hahaha.. my parents cracked the hell up during that movie.. and i loved it.. but they rarely buy movies that we've already seen in the theaters.. ESPECIALLY josh ones... cuz well.. i always watch josh.. lmfaooo... ok... back to yesterday...
so we got home and my mom came home like 30 minutes later and my dad was like "time warner!" sooo i thought we were going back to the time warner cable center for our digital cable or cable modem or something... but umm.. actually there's a new mall around lincoln center that was built by time warner.. hahaha.. DUDE.. this mall.. is.. beautiful... u HAVE to see it.. like.. mall's aren't beautiful right.. but this place..
WOW. (aight.. those two things jutting out of the place.. i'm not sure about... it's probably the buildings for time warner employees.. maybe they moved their headquarters here...

ok.. these pictures don't do any justice.. cuz.. well.. nyc's pretty fugly in daylight.. but.. dude.. the place after 7 pm... is like.. blue and.. just.. heeeeeee.. BLUE!

ok.. so now theres officially two malls in manhattan.. wow.. how.. amazing... this one's the more high class one.. cuz.. COME ON.. it's near 5th avenue.. and it sells stuff from 5th.. and well.. manhattan mall has strawberry's.. which.. is.. quite sad... that's like the cheapest shit in the world.. but manhattan mall has the only aero and the only suncoast i know off in manhattan.. soo.. ehh...
yeah soo.. we spent a long time in borders.. and i found all these lotr bookmarks and magazines.. dude the new cineplex mag.. eeeeeeee i NEED it.. there's like 100 pages of just lotr... and well.. all the text in it seems more than the whole ROTK script.. hahaha... crazy stuff.. it was basically about how weta made the movie and stuff... cool ass pics in there.. there was even a miris tirith analysis thing... but we ended up buying NOTHING.. cuz the stupid line went to from like no one to 60 ppl... hahaha... craziness... and umm.. yeah.. and when i went inside i saw a $1.99 bsb single.. i was like AHHHHHHHHH... but it was shape of my heart... and i already got it.. FOR 10 BUCKS.. wtf... dude.. ok.. i now pledge i will not buy bsb singles at virgin anymore.. hahaha... ok.. what else.. ohh yeah.. there were signs everywhere at the borders saying "meet the fab 5 on wednesday, febuary 18th!" and i'm like ahhhhhh.. but yeah.. i probably won't meet them... i don't care enough to line up... i think that's about it.. just.. if u're in nyc... go to "jazz at lincoln center AKA the shops at columbus circle"... at NIGHT... dude.. i couldn't walk in that place.. it's basically glass bridges and.. u know how scared of heights i am.. my parents were having a ball pointing out all the glass and pointing down to scare the shiz outta me.. meanos...
oh yeah.. and we went to "whole foods" in the basement to get some grub.. and i was like "I NEED POPTARTS!" sooo i go straight to the cereal section.. and umm... i realized that they only had organic cereal.. and then.. yeah.. it's a huge organic supermarket.. they didn't even have cheetos... *sigh* so we ended up getting some sushi, meat, bread, and i got myself some of those chewy fruit thingamajings that are flat like beef jerky...
then.. we decided to go to chinatown for dinner.. and yup.. had crabs, fish, some veggies, chicken, more crabs, and more fish.. haha.. tells u how chinese ppl eat... we love our meat and seafood... (that's why it's kinda impossible for me to become a vegan... *sigh*... if i just step foot in chinatown i'll be tempted... out of like 200 restaurants in chinatown.. only one is vegetarian... it's good food.. but.. not as good as meat lmfao)

i think that's about if for my saturday... ohhh yeah.. so in the subway and walking in the mall and walking in chinatown passed 8 (when like.. chinatown is closed except for the big restaurants) i've seen about 9 single guys.. who.. were.. hot.. lmfao.. they were all probably tourists... cuz they were all with their families and their parents had cameras and such... but there was this one guy.. he was in the subway and we kept eyeing each other.. haha.. my parents were looking at him too cuz he had this huge duffle bag... i think he was probably visiting his girl for valentine's from college or something.. anywhooooo.. yup.. that was my day.. hanging the whole day with my parents and oogling at hot white tourists... and i actually didn't watch lotr like everyone thought i would for valentine's.. i watched some POTC until my mom was like.. "WHAT ARE U DOING?! WATCHIN THAT AGAIN?!" so she messed with the tv and was watchin the news.. i fell asleep in the lazyboy.. and she made me go to sleep in my room... grr.. haha... if u sleep in the lazyboy she gets pissed cuz it's kinda.. her.. sleeping territory.. lmfao.. she like.. falls straight to sleep after 2 minutes in it.. watching.. anything.. even if it's mad loud... aight

this pic amuses me for some unknown reason:

my peja next to the chinese frankenstein...

PEJA FOR MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao.. yeah.. right.. that'll be the day.. a white guy mvp for an nba all-star game.. *crosses fingers anyway*

[User Picture]From: dadyslildefect
2004-02-16 12:39 am (UTC)


I'm talking about the skills competition
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[User Picture]From: pattieisntcrazy
2004-02-16 12:46 am (UTC)


ehh competition schmompetition... as long as i know he's got skills.. nothing matters lmfao
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