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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2004|09:17 pm]
[wha? |crazycrazy]
[noise |gone - elijah.. crazy..ass...]

yet another reminder of how me and ker are insane.. ok.. maybe just her *cough*Collapse )

Your Lord of the Rings Vacation by dr_fabulous
Favourite colour
Lucky day
You spend your holiday withOrlando Bloom
Where?The Scottish highlands
You spend your daysTaking long walks
... and your nightsSleeping. Just sleeping.
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i'll never get dom will i???

Your Lord of the Rings Vacation by dr_fabulous
Favourite colour
Lucky day
You spend your holiday withDominic Monaghan
You spend your daysPainting and taking photos
... and your nightsShagging like rabbits
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

true fan
CONGRATS! Your a True Fan!
A bit on the obsessive side but who cares?! Go you!

Test your Pirates of the Caribbean knowledge! muhahahahahahahaha
brought to you by Quizilla

i SO did not deserve that.. i probably got like 4 right..
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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2004|08:32 pm]
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[noise |lij talkin about lotr]

aight.. so.. i actually only realized today's the infamous day like.. 7th period.. haha... but umm yeah.. here we go:
woke up earlier than i did the whole week to take a shower... on tuesday i didn't even bother with the shower cuz i was sooo late and tired anyway.. first time in like a year i didn't shower every week day... ok.. so.. umm.. yeah.. i ended up pretty early.. earlier than i was the whole week to school.. and umm.. yeah.. that was that.. today was senior nerd day.. and in ap bio.. i'm kinda friends more with the seniors than the juniors.. so umm.. i made kick me signs for my senior friends cuz they totally forgot today was nerd day... and i even taped up their glasses to look like urkle and stuff.. it was fun.. ok.. moving on.. umm.... come lunch... ok.. so like ten minutes after the period starts this girl starts announcing "anyone i call, please come to the center section to get your flower".. and.. naturally.. i didn't even listen.. there were like 100 girls.. and shit.. and i was like BLOODY BLAH BLAH... and.. i was trying to study for my math test which is next period.. and i didn't really have an appetite for food.. cuz.. MATH TEST.. u kno.. and umm.. lili's been doing something during lunch for the whole week so i had no one to make fun of and entertain me... so umm.. yeah... i was just there.. alone.. reading.. looking more pathetic than a freshman.. so yeah.. then.. i hear my name and i'm like.. ha. yeahhh right.. and then tiff comes along and says "they called your name! go!" so yeah. i go.. and there's like 200 girls.. so i bolt back to my seat.. and after reading for a while i don't see tiff.. so i go to the center and there she is.. saying my name again... ok.. so here's the punch line.. it's from jing.. one of my girl friends.. hahaahha.. she is soooooooo on crack.. she comes around saying "i love uuuu pottyyyy" haha.. she is sooo crazy... she claims she's bi and stuff.. anywhoo. she's mad cool but yeah.. i tell everyone i hate flowers.. i think she was being humorous.. and it's not funny!!! (at the end of the day i just gave the flower to my mom saying it's from me cuz i'm not about to explain to her that i got it.. no matter how much i'll say one of my friends gave it to me.. she'll think some dude did.. and i don't need that kinda drama in my life)... ok.. soooo.. moving on... umm.. last night my mom was like "sooo did u get your report card yet" and i was like.. rolling my eyes around the room trying to avoid eye contact.. and she knew i had it.. wtf is up with her.. every single time i get the report card she asks me that week on thursday.. SHE'S TOTALLY INSANE.. dude.. ok.. so i'm like.. hiding from her the rest of the night.. she asks me during friends... DURING PHEOBE'S WEDDING.. what a way to mess up my mood.. ok.. so my dad finds my binder and looks through it and finds the definitive "65" that my parents never thought i'll ever get in my entire life.. ok.. so it's all over... i watch the apprentice and laugh when jessie's fired.. while finishing my hw.. and then.. ok.. back to TODAY...

a lot of stuff happened.. i doubt i'll remember it all.. umm.. yeah.. ohhhh yeah.. after 7th i went to where i had lab in the morning cuz i knew jing was in that class.. so umm.. i went to see her to yell at her for the flower.. i'm so weird.. anywhoo.. i see devinder out in the hallway eating cheddar cheese lay's and i was like.. mmm... so he's like.. want some? *shoves bag in my face* "no thanks." "aww ok" i look into the class and don't see her.. look out and ask devinder.. "is jing in there" "yup" "i don't see her" "oh then i don't know" at that point jake sees something outside.. and comes running... and he's like FOOD! to devinder.. he NEVER talks to devinder.. i dunno.. anyway.. me and him were like totally ignoring each other except the fact that our bodies were pressed against each other.. god.. he's so disgusting... yeah sooo.. i think that's about it...

oh yeah.. i was listening to some interviews i've downloaded and forgot to listen to... elijah "i take public transportation" OK.. I'M GONNA SO JUST STAY IN THE SUBWAY AT 23RD STREET TO TRY TO STALK HIM... ok.. but the next thing he says is "i've actually got the elvish of "the ring" around my ASSHOLE?.... no nooo actually i haven't gotten any more tattoos"

his humor isn't funny.
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dom on loveline: my review [Feb. 12th, 2004|06:16 pm]
[wha? |cheerfulcheerful]
[noise |dom on loveline... *grins*]


i LOVE dom.

omfgggggggggg he hates football as much as me.. omfg.. *humps him*

"i was the comic book reading slightly geeky-ish drama kid and they were the guys who kinda used to kick balls at my face."

awwwwwwww... pattie will make it all better

"you call in america.. football.. where as u should've called in something else.. like "arm and catch".. only one guy can kick it or two guys.. is that right?... WHY DON'T U JUST CALL IT THE WORST SPORT IN THE WORLD EVER INVENTED? (as the other guys keep talking) NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. no it's not. it is the WORST sport ever from man. FOOTBALL (as in soccer for all u stupid yanks *runs*) IS THE BEST SPORT EVER! IT'S PLAYED BY THE ENTIRE WORLD MAN!"

ok.. my obsession has officially grown 92378942890175689713894758971349857893%.. if that was even possible...

(as one of the doctors keep talkin about "there's hitting, there's injuries.. u gotta love it):
"yeah, but what about RUGBY! in rugby u get essentially american football without armor on.. u guys are all pussies. u gotta dress up in armor and helmets..."

o.m.g. i loooooooooooooooove him... cracked up SOOOO bad when i heard this.. omfg... thank u so much. i haven't laughed so hard since the new year... i love u dom *kisses*

"i'm don't go for the five year old girl look" (when talkin about shaving down there)

"in england, we call it the bendy wendy" (hmm... do u want to know???)

ok.. seriously.. ya'll gotta listen to this.. i can't TYPE everything.. cuz.. like.. everything is worth typing... so just
go here and remember to right click
OR here...right now it's the third post
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more fanlistings [Feb. 12th, 2004|05:51 pm]
[wha? |groggygroggy]
[noise |free from within (been on repeat for like an hour)]

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wtf [Feb. 12th, 2004|05:12 pm]
[wha? |calmcalm]
[noise |free from within - HOWARD eeeeeeeeeeeeeee]


why is he so gorgeous?? even with those damn watermarks..

they'reeee backkkkkkkkCollapse )
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i'm supposed to be studying for physics... [Feb. 11th, 2004|11:33 pm]
[wha? |distresseddistressed]
[noise |everybody loves raymond behind me.. i should turn it off]

Are You Love Shy?

You're a February 14 Wallflower

Good karma, good karma, good karma! If all the nice things you've done and thought and said in the past year could just come back and bite you in the butt — in the form of Cupid's arrow — you could fall into a flirty daze and be cured of your guy-shy anxiety once and for all. The only problem is, that's way too easy and you're probably going to have to take the plunge one day. Lucky for you, some of us at ym are psychic and we can see that there's no reason to rush. You've got a long life of love and romance ahead of you. Just beware that crushes happen to everyone — even boys! So no matter how timid you are, you're still the perfect kind of Valentine to be secretly admired.

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i. hate. aol. i finished like 1/4 of this and it kicked me off [Feb. 11th, 2004|09:37 pm]
stole this from candieCollapse )
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eeeeeeeeeeek [Feb. 11th, 2004|09:16 pm]
[wha? |crazycrazy]
[noise |some car commercial on fox.. oh wait.. it's dunkin donuts]

was watchin the oc.. and.. the.. first.. commercial.. was.. HIDALGO.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh he's soooo gorgeous.. *squee*

mischa's slowly gettin on my last nerves..
dude.. that song.. that they kept playing when ryan was on the screen.. i NEED to download it.. it's sooo hilarious...
ok.. why the hell did ryan have to convince oliver NOT to do it??? grrrrrrr....

and umm... SETH AND SUMMER!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *feels sorry for anna though*

umm.. luke and julie? ew. much?
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7th post of the day? or is this the 6th??? [Feb. 11th, 2004|08:15 pm]
[wha? |exhaustedexhausted]
[noise |my dad.. laughing.. about.. something...]

aight.. i'm not doing this on purpose.. lmfao.. it's just... hahaha.. i'm THAT bored.. ok.. so.. i was flipping through the new teen people with nick and jessica on the cover... i got it in the mail i think yesterday.. and.. omfg.. i was going insane when i got to the fashion pages near the end... guess who were the models????


greg. in. makeup... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*goes to stare* if i had a scanner.. i would share the prettiness.. but.. life tis not fair... ya'll gonna have to go to a pharmacy or something.. but i should hope ya'll subscribe anyway...
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2004|07:10 pm]
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