I wish I lived in the Shire.

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My boy.

L.A. Lakers.

Backstreet Boys.

New York Yankees.

Laugh. G(l)eek out. Shop.

Guilty pleasure? Countdown/reality shows.

I'm WAY too easily distracted, excited and amused.

I have a DVD collection that is known as "the movie library" by my friends.

So what if I have to see movies on their release date... and then go back the next dayweek?

I have an unhealthy addiction towards handbags, shoes, designer jeans, posters and toys. Yes, toys.

I spend way too much time on facebook when I should be doing something productive (i.e. a 20 page final term paper).

I'm especially obsessed with hobbits, wizards, inmates, paranormal hunters, superheroes, space pilots and men in uniform.

My vocab comes from tv/movies. For example, I occasionally say "frick" and "frack" as curses. For the unknowing, that's Scrubs and BSG.

I randomly break out in songs by the Backstreet Boys, Matchbox Twenty, Spice Girls, LFO, Josh Groban, Journey, Elton John, Queen and Linkin Park.

I constantly quote things from the 90s, Friends, LOTR, HP, PB, The Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, SPN, Star Wars, Star Trek, South Park, and Apatow movies.

I would marry ♥Wentworth Miller♥ in a heartbeat. That being said, if I saw him walking down the street, I would probably just stand there like a deaf-mute stone statue, staring at the gorgeous-perfectness, drooling with my mouth ajar.

alan rickman, alex skarsgard, andy pettitte, andy serkis, anton yelchin, backstreet boys, battlestar galactica, ben barnes, billy boyd, bruce willis, chris evans, chris hemsworth, chris pine, cillian murphy, colin firth, colin hanks, coupling, craig parker, daniel henney, daniel radcliffe, daniel wu, david wenham, dexter, disney, dominic monaghan, elijah wood, eric bana, ewan mcgregor, gerard butler, glee, hal sparks, harrison ford, harry potter, hayden christensen, henry cavill, heroes, himym, hobbits, hugh grant, hugh jackman, ian mckellen, ian thorpe, ioan gruffudd, jack davenport, jake gyllenhaal, james dean, james marsden, james stewart, jamie bamber, jared padalecki, jason behr, jason mamoa, jason segel, jason statham, jay baruchel, jeff goldblum, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jeremy renner, jim parsons, john c. mcginley, john cho, john cusack, johnny depp, jon favreau, jonah hill, joseph gordon-levitt, josh groban, josh holloway, joshua jackson, judd apatow, justin long, karl urban, kevin smith, kevin zegers, kieran culkin, kobe bryant, kyle xy, l.a. lakers, leonardo dicaprio, lord of the rings, luke walton, mark ruffalo, marky mark, marlon brando, matt bomer, matt dallas, matt damon, matthew perry, michael c hall, michael cera, michael rosenbaum, milo ventimiglia, morgan freeman, neil patrick harris, nick swisher, oliver james, orlando bloom, paul adelstein, paul rudd, peja stojakovic, peter jackson, peter sarsgaard, pirates of the caribbean, prison break, quentin tarantino, ridley scott, robert de niro, robert downey jr., robert rodriguez, rodrigo santoro, rupert grint, ryan lochte, samuel l. jackson, sean astin, sean biggerstaff, sean connery, sean faris, seann william scott, seth green, seth rogen, shopping, south park, star trek, star wars, steve buscemi, steve carrell, steven colbert, steven spielberg, steven strait, supernatural, the hobbit, tim dekay, tobey maguire, tokidoki, tom hanks, tom hiddleston, topher grace, true blood, viggo mortensen, vince vaughn, wentworth miller, white collar, will ferrell, will smith, william fichtner, william moseley, yankees, zach braff, zachary quinto